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21 year old with an incredible body gets her very first facial!


This 21 years old, incredibly gorgeous girl has sexy perky tits, incredible legs with sexy and juicy ass. An absolute incredible body! Click here to watch her video now!

She gives an average BJ; can barely get her mouth past his head, but at least tries to suck with a decent amount of energy; uses her hands a lot while sucking as it’s pretty much all she can really do as it looked like she had a hard time handling his size; not surprising since this is technically only the 3rd dick she’s ever seen.
Sex started really slow as her inexperience definitely showed but boy did it ever pick up; chemistry felt very passionate between these two from the start; her overall energy and performance was an A+ as she quickly got into the sex and never really slowed down once things picked up; levels of intensity I felt varied but was still hot for the majority of the episode
Vocal feedback started with lots of heavy breathing at first and became loud strong moans and grunts as the episode progressed, with borderline screams during some of the more intense parts; facial expressions showed great amounts of pleasure particularly during missionary where she gets pounded the hardest; needless to say everything felt genuine
Doggy should also be noted purely based on how incredible her body looked bent over, with the sex also being pretty hot during this position as well
While all positions were hot, best position imo easily has to go to missionary as the male talent really let loose on her. Scene ended with her very 1st facial! Click here to watch the full video now!

Miss Teen Colorado Kristy Althaus is back for a creampie finish!



You might remember Kristy Althaus from her first GDP video, she made quite an impression and a huge news story. Well Miss Teen Colorado is back for more! Watch the interview here to find out why she came back to porn!
She shows us how beautiful head she gives and turns it into a hard fuck as always…
She gives a hard deepthroat, then goes on missionary, jump on the guy before take his dick in her mouth, then she goes doggy and missionary and finish with a sexy creampie. Click here to watch the full video now!

Blue eyed girl comes back for a second round!


The girl in red gives a really sexy BJ; starts off very sensual by sucking slow while making contact with him; continues to suck slow with occasional deep-throating which she’s able to get all the way down; she even mentions before the sex starts that they had to “take a couple of breaks” due to the BJ being too good
Sex for the most part was not as intense as her 1st round but still enjoyable enough to warrant a viewing; pacing felt a little hot and cold, some moments were really good and hot! She does admit to having 2 orgasms!
Scene ends with a creampie. Click here to watch the video now!

Madeleine Cornish does anal on video!

madeleine cornish anal porn

Another young mom who starred in an MTV reality show about teen pregnancy is apparently following in Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham’s infamous footsteps!

We spoke with Jordan Wu, CEO of the parent company of websites Girls Do Porn and Girls Do Toys, and he confirms that Madeleine Cornish, who starred in MTV’sother teen pregnancy documentary Baby High back in 2010, has entered into the adult film industry in a series of videos and photo shoots with the two sites.

The GDP site teased their new reality starlet on Twitter late last month by writing, “Got An Ex MTV Girl – Coming Soon….” They added, “Did Anal Too 🙂  ”

Just prior to the new year, they shared the photo above of Madeleine in a pink dress on a bed and wrote: “Happy NYE everyone if we get 100 favorites on this photo we will bring her back for whatever you guys want.”

The photo more than doubled the 100 favorites requirement, and the site then took a poll to find out what fans wanted to see from Madeleine. Fans voted for a three-way, but they may be disappointed. Jordan Wu tells us that she decided not to do the threesome shoot for her second GDP video. However, Jordan does say that Madeleine did do what was required to share Farrah Abraham’s title of “Backdoor Teen Mom.”
This chick is so hot! She’s a tanned blonde wearing the pink dress and the video is unbelievable from the start!
The interview was great she was being super cocky about even if her ex found out about about the video he still wouldn’t let her go. She says she’s 23 which is older than most girls featured on GirlsDoPorn.
She is sooooo into the anal sex, has several orgasms and pretty sure her mind is being blown away. Anyway, check out the whole video here and let me know how you liked it in the comments below!

BONUS: Here’s a mugshot we found of that girl:

20 year old with amazing eyes


Meet this sexy 20 year old college student…she’s got a beautiful face, sexy long legs, a perfect round juicy ass, fantastic big tits and some amazing eyes! Plus, she’s here to do her very first adult video on Girls Do Porn, sucking cock and getting that tight wet pussy fucked until she swallows a load of the dude’s cum in a red hot hardcore scene.

Here’s a review of this week’s episode by reddit user freddiegibbs110:

After seeing her in action, I am extremely impressed. She’s very pretty with a ridiculous ass . She was very much into it the whole way through (no fake moaning or anything), but he also didn’t go hard on her nearly as much as with some others. It was actually about as “intimate” as this series gets. Seeing her jiggle around on top was a highlight.
One “flaw” is that she does have scars on her breasts , which are in fact breast reduction scars, NOT evidence of fake tits. Part of me wishes she had kept her originals because she must have been even more insane, but I must admit the “new” ones are perfect for her body size and look/behave like natural as you would expect. I also haven’t seen breast reduction scars in porn before, but they do make her standout, and shit, I’d take those over some of these dumb ass tattoos that are all the rage now.
Did I mention DAT ASS?

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She also had a cheery personality and her interview might have been the longest ever (almost 10 minutes). Some girls I can’t skip the interview fast enough, but she was very engaging, which made her even more fun to watch. One of my favorites in recent memory.

As you can see we are all quite impressed with the episode, so head over to GDP and watch the video yourself!