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Wife sucks off a stranger at a gloryhole

My wife is a couple years older than me at 28. Red hair. Big tits and a bigger ass. 5’5 and 134 lbs.



I like to watch her suck cocks in a gloryhole and swallow cum. It all started when we were in college. She cheated on me with a guy that played for our football team. I got word, and I got mad. As time went on I started to get really turned on in private about it. Honestly I pretty much jerk off to the thought of her being pleased by all sorts of dicks exclusively. Not that I don’t like her to be pleased by me as well. I’m not a cuck, don’t like being shamed or put down. I just like to see, hear, and feel my wife cum.


In any case. She always talked about how she regretted cheating on me, but a while down the road I started to notice things. When I would fuck her from behind she would sometimes suck one of my fingers if they were close. Not just suck but move her tongue around it. If she was riding me she would cum so much harder when I spread her ass. So I started talking about sharing her in the bed. She still cums so hard when I talk about it, even after we started swinging.

So I tell her we should go to a gloryhole. We can get a booth and watch group sex videos in semi public. I can talk dirty to her about other guys coming in the booth. We are from WV she had no idea what a gloryhole was or that they were in porn shops, but I did. She thinks it is a great idea so we go.

We get to the porn shop about 4 pm on a Thursday. I had posted a craigslist ad and invited some guys who looked impressive in picture. Just two. Not a train lol. I told them to get there before us so she could see them and get turned on (they were built) and they could see her. I made sure the guys were military type, she likes an athletic build.


We get to the gloryhole booth, walking past a couple guys I hoped didn’t come through the holes for her and guys I’m sure she was not interested in. It didn’t get her out of the mood though. We walk in and I have her sit on my lap while we flip through the movies. I find a mfm film a doctor, nurse and patient. I whisper in her ear about how I would love for her gyno to just pull his finger out of her and eat her pussy. He is a handsome man, she asks if I would really like that. I say yes and start to run my hands under her shirt and to her bra. I fondle her, while whispering about how I would watch her get used by this doctor, and how hot it would be to watch her take another mans cock. By this time I have my finger in her pussy rubbing her little hooded clit.





I see the other guy from the booth (in yellow shorts as we agreed) come through the hole. I start to kiss my wife so she doesn’t see it, and I pick up my pace with my fingers. I take her right hand with my left hand and place it on this thick prick that is hanging through the hole. I felt her gasp in my mouth, but I didn’t let go of her hand or her tongue in my mouth.

After I felt her start to stroke him I let go of her hand, and she asked if I was sure. She then leans down and starts to suck his cock for all she has. It was sloppy, dripping, and made me harder than I have ever been in my life. He moans so loud I’m sure the clerk heard, and I hear her swallow that first shot. It had to be huge. She turns around and starts pulling at my zipper. Once she has me out she starts to suck me like she has never done up to this point. She was like a sex goddess on fire. Right on queue red shorts (guy 2) pushes his average size cock through the hole and I grab her by the hair and ask if she can finish two of us at once.


She starts going back and forth between us with her mouth and hand. I came all over the floor while she was sucking him. She finished him with her mouth and swallow through the gloryhole. We got up and walked out after composing ourselves to a small line of people listening in the hall.

This was our first, but not only time. Hope you enjoyed, and I’m glad I kept my promise.






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