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sweet and innocent Crystal first time video


Another fresh update from girlsdoporn and another cute amateur babe who is desperate for some extra cash. This week we introduce you to Crystal. This babe came to us with a story about needing money to be able to move out of her parents home. Well, here at girlsdoporn, we are always willing to help out a young girl looking to make a change. Crystal showed up for her scene and was pretty nervous and shy but once the cameras were rolling and the clothes started coming off, she loosened up pretty quick.


I think Crystal is actually a closet slut back at home because she was pretty damn talented with a cock in her mouth. Once she got comfortable with the cameras, there was no stopping her. At girlsdoporn, we only film amateur girls that have never done any type of porn videos before, but this girl definitely had plenty of experience fucking even if it was never filmed. Check out the full video here and see her take the cumshot right on her cute face before we paid her and sent her home to pack up and move out of mom and dad’s place for good.

the one and only porn video from sexy Sarah


Sarah’s sexy video for girlsdoporn
was her first and probably last porn video ever. It seems as though her parents and college room mates found out about her secret desire to be filmed having sex, and none of them were very happy about the idea. Sarah was determined, horny and broke – the perfect combination of amateur sluts for girlsdoporn. It was about 3 months after she first contacted us that I finally heard back from her. She snuck away from her parents and was ready to get busy!


It’s really a shame we may never see Sarah again because she has an amazing body and she really loves sex. You can check out the free video trailer here to see how perky her all natural tits were, and how tight her little eighteen year old ass is. Sarah really knew how to fuck too. She was quite the horny little coed. Check out the full length video only at girlsdoporn and see her beg for a hot load across that cute little face of hers. Maybe Sarah will return one day and treat us to her gorgeous body again. I know I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

shy little Taylor is just 18 years old


Taylor was very nervous to film her first ever sex scene for girlsdoporn. You can watch the free trailer here. She told us she needed the money to pay back her parents. I wonder if they would want the cash if they knew this is what she had to do to get it. She sucked cock pretty good even though she claimed she was pretty inexperienced with sex. I think she looks pretty hot in her tight jeans bent over with a dick in her mouth.


Click here if you want to download the full length video of Taylor’s first ever sex scene. I think she almost cried at one point she was getting fucked so hard. The video features a great close up of her face as she has a very intense orgasm. Taylor probably wont be returning to do another scene for girlsdoporn. I wonder if she paid her parents back though.

all natural big tits on Katrina


Today’s newest girlsdoporn amateur is Katrina. This busty babe is another college student we found hungry for some extra cash. She claimed not to have a lot of options for work, but her body was all she needed to make money. Katrina looked so sexy in her tight jeans and even tighter top. Her big boobs were screaming to be released. Her short hair made her look kind of sweet and naive, but Katrina was a hurricane of sex once those clothes came off.


Katrina really fucked like a champ in her first sex video. Check out the full length HD version right now! She strips down to reveal that tan body and a couple slutty tattoos she was hiding. She sucked cock so good, I almost came before I even got the chance to fuck her. Make sure to set your bookmarks because Katrina is coming back very soon and promises an anal scene for girlsdoporn. I think she is officially hooked on doing porn which is the best news of the day!

skinny little slut in training – Whitney


Whitney came to us with a fresh story that we hadn’t heard yet. This petite little slut actually always wanted to be a pornstar and moved out to California to persue her dream. Check out the video where we help to make her dreams come true! Whitney is such a tiny little thing, but she fucks like a girl twice her size. She did claim that she never fucked a dick as big as the one she rode in her very first porn video for girlsdoporn, but she liked it.


Whitney is actually 18 years old even though she looks a bit younger. Her doe eyes and tight, skinny body hardly looks like it has seen much use, but she assured me that she knew what she was doing when it came to sucking dick. Click here to check out the video and see her strip down naked and get on her knees for one of the best blowjobs I ever had. Whitney is welcome back on girlsdoporn anytime.