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18 year old Annie needs some cash


Check out Annie getting a hot facial in her first ever porn video! She showed up and was pretty shy and nervous, but once I stuffed her mouth full of cock, she loosened up pretty quickly. Annie may have acted shy and innocent but this skinny little thing has definitely had her share of fuck partners. She really knew what she was doing and couldn’t wait to cum once we started fucking.


Annie’s story is similar to a lot of the girls I fuck on girlsdoporn. She is just a struggling college student trying to make a little extra cash on the side. Sex is a good choice for Annie because she loves it. Once she stripped out of her tight pants and thong, she couldn’t get enough cock, even gagging a little as she deep throated it. Watch the full video at girlsdoporn to see her take a load on her face. I have a feeling this girl will be back to do more porn really soon.

Chloe a blond 18 year old super freak


girlsdoporn is excited to introduce you to your newest internet love affair – Chloe. You’re going to love this video of Chloe on her hands and knees sucking dick while her thong peeks out over the waistband of her very tight jeans. There’s something very slutty about this babe and I can’t get enough of it. The full length video starts out with a short interview with Chloe explaining some of her wilder sexual encounters, including a membership to the mile high club.


Chloe has never done a sex video before this one, but she has definitely had plenty of sex. This girl truly was a freak in bed. Her blowjob was so amazing and included lots of dirty talk and spitting on the cock to keep it nice and lubed up. Once I got her doggystyle and started fucking her, she kept asking for it harder! You can watch the trailer for free right now on girlsdoporn and I would highly recommend it. This is one of the hottest videos we have ever shot.

petite brunette nympho Chanelle


Chanelle is the newest amateur to join the girlsdoporn family. This cute little babe was actually referred to us by another model from girlsdoporn. She told her that it was such a great time so Chanelle gave us a call and asked if she could be next. The first thing you’re going to notice about Chanelle when you watch her video is he luscious booty. This girl has a very nice, round butt for such a petite frame.


Chanelle really gets wild in this girlsdoporn video. She sticks that juicy booty in the air while she sucks dick on her hands and knees and then takes it from behind. Watch the whole video now to see her take a load right in her face. She even got some cum in that pretty jet-black hair of hers. To prove just how wild Chanelle is, she actually wanted to get fucked again after we finished shooting the scene. This is my kind of girl.

cute and innocent little redhead sex freak


Do not be fooled by the sweet look of innocence on this gorgeous redhead’s face. She may look like the girl next door, but she is hiding a wild side. I couldn’t believe how aggressive she was in her first ever sex video for girlsdoporn. She was a natural freak once the cameras switched on. There was even one point during the filming of this scene where we had to stop to clean her spit off of the camera lens.


Check out the trailer on girlsdoporn and listen to her story of fucking a basketball team, or listen to her describe the perfect blowjob. Sucking dick is definitely something this redhead knows all about. She’s actually a deep throat expert. You’re not going to believe how far she takes the dick without gagging. We invited her back to do another scene but haven’t heard back yet. We’ll keep trying though because she is one of our member’s favorite girls.

another fresh faced amateur – Chrissy


Chrissy looks like she could be kind of slutty, but you wouldn’t expect her to be the kind of girl that does porn, but here she is. You can watch the free video trailer of Chrissy here, where she tells us that she works as a dancer. She also tells us about some of her sexual experiences, including a threesome with her best friend.


Chrissy may be a wild party girl, but she still has never done anything as wild as fucking on camera for the whole world to see. Lucky girsdoporn found her and convinced her that we need to see that perfect little body in action. Click here to see her full length video including a very sexy POV blowjob. SHe has pretty good sized tits that bounce around very nicely as she rides the cock reverse cowgirl.