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Blue eyed blonde – no condom anal fucking with a creampie ending!

You are in for a real treat today! Latest GDP scene features a beautiful blue-eyed blonde in a grey/black dress.

Usual GDP interview starts off and then she gets down on her knees to show off her blowjob skills.
The male uses condom at the beginning but later for some reason he’s condomless! He plays with her ass using a toy and then fucks her tight asshole as she is squirming on the hotel bed.
Biggest surprise is at the end: CREAMPIE. Yes, a creampie in a GDP scene… That’s quite rare! Enjoy the full video here

18 year old gets a rough pounding


This 18 year old looks good in clothes but she is damn sexy when she gets naked. She is quite thin, but has a nice round ass and nice round boobs. She plans on being an MD someday, but for now she is here to earn some quick cash doing porn. And boy does she have some awesome blowjob skills!

The scene is really good because he really pounds that pussy of hers and gives it to her rough. She seems like the type of girl that hasn’t ever had this type of sex but you can see how much she loved it in this video.

Cute Chick Cheats On Fiance and Calls Him in the Middle of the Shoot!



This hot chick just loves to be fucked and says so to start the scene. She told her fiancé who she is supposed to be marrying in a year that she went to care for her sick aunt meanwhile here she is getting fucked hard by a stranger! She calls her fiancé during the scene to ask if he got the dirty photos of her and says she is still with her aunt. She then goes back to fucking and moaning away.

Cute big-ttited brunette Nickole takes a dick in the ass and a load on her face


Nickole Vessi is a tight young brunette with a great natural rack. She is a little shy but sucks dick like a champ before getting onto all fours for some doggy. At the start of the scene she admits to not being the biggest fan of anal but gives it a go in this scene – taking a small vibrator then a cock in the ass. Once this is done she climbs on top for some cowgirl before getting a hot load of cum splashed all over her face. Enjoy the full video here