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Wife sucks off a stranger at a gloryhole

My wife is a couple years older than me at 28. Red hair. Big tits and a bigger ass. 5’5 and 134 lbs.



I like to watch her suck cocks in a gloryhole and swallow cum. It all started when we were in college. She cheated on me with a guy that played for our football team. I got word, and I got mad. As time went on I started to get really turned on in private about it. Honestly I pretty much jerk off to the thought of her being pleased by all sorts of dicks exclusively. Not that I don’t like her to be pleased by me as well. I’m not a cuck, don’t like being shamed or put down. I just like to see, hear, and feel my wife cum.

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Blonde with perfect natural tits

perfect natural tits
This week, the star is a pretty white girl. She could be from next door, but the best part about this moaning, loud, possibly a screamer is she doesn’t have that ugly  orange spray on tan appearance. I know that will please alot of fans of GDP. She does all the standard doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary. Even some minor gagging and attempted deepthroating. Her best asset here is her natural tits which are just about the perfect size. Click here to watch the video. [click to continue…]

Next door girl gets the best facial on GDP to date!


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In this GirlsDoPorn episode 234 the hot blonde babe gets interviewed by Jake behind a camera. He asks her how old she was when she first had sex, when she first gave a blowjob, the craziest place she’s ever had sex and if she ever had a threesome.
He asks her what her favorite position is besides doggy style, because all girls always say doggy style. After that he asks her if she’s ready to give the guy a blowjob, she says yes and the scene cuts to her getting on her knees and blowing the guy.
Then she gets banged in various positions, they take a break to have her give the guy some more hot oral sex. They then go back to fucking and finish off with another blowjob and the best,messt cumshot right on her face!

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