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n00b pornstar in her first scene ever



This is an episode of Girls Do Porn featuring a future pornstar, who has already shot additional scenes for other companies. This is believed to be her first shoot before she made the decision to go pro, released August 23, 2013.
Scene Summary: They interview the wannabe starlet, then she gives a blowjob before stripping nude, followed by some fucking in missionary. They immediately go into the second blowjob from there, so I guess she was hungry for cock. Then more fucking in cowgirl, doggie, reverse cowgirl, and more oral into a facial finish. Click here for full video
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Small Town Girl Gets A Nasty Facial



Please welcome Girl from Episode #223!  She comes from a very tiny town in Texas and has never even left her home state before.  (How do we know she’s from Texas?  Because she is naive enough to tell the world that she works at the Hilton in Dallas!).  She talks in a very subdued voice, almost shy, with enough of a Southern accent that you don’t doubt her story’s authenticity.  She even dresses in a “Daisy Duke” outfit straight out of the “Dukes of Hazzard” poster.

At first you might think this is a perfect scenario to find some innocence.  But as a long time innocence hunter, I can tell you that small-towns, just like religion, breeds some of the wildest and nuttiest girls around.  There just isn’t much to do out there but get into trouble and have sex, so that’s what they do.  It’s no surprise that its very rare to find the “farmer’s daughter” type anywhere but in badly acted  porno.

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Blonde girl with fake tits

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 After last week’s All-Timer, Top 5 GDP girl and scene,this blondie had a really tough act to follow.  Could she possibly measure up, or at least stand on her own?

Unknown Girl #222 is 21-years-old, which is at the upper end of the age range that GirlsDoPorn usually shoots.  The interview starts right off by stating that UK #222 was going to cancel, but after changing her mind back-and-forth, finally committed to it.  They shot her right away (smart) before she talks herself out of it once more.

She has a boyfriend of about 5 months that has no idea she is doing porn today.  She has a bit of a lisp, which is kind of cute. She is anxious and doesn’t stop shaking her right leg throughout the interview.
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Episode 221 – My ‘Permanent Keeper’ Recommendation!!



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UPDATE: I managed to ID this girl. Her name is Scarlet Red. GirlsDoPorn was her first adult appearance, she has made another scene for Amateur Creampies and the newest one is for Amateur Allure. Check them out!

When she just happens to look right into the camera – and I was DONE. I Couldn’t hold anything back, the flood was powerful and sustained and had me gasping, just so full of believing that I was cumming inside this dream of a girl.

Even after cumming my hardest in months to this girl, Scarlet Red had me so intrigued that I was compelled to watch more of her.  The last thing anyone wants to do is see more porn after JUST cumming, but this girl made me do it. And the  portions I saw of this scene are spectacular. Click below to read the full review!

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